Lecture by Konstantin Korneev on the Agri Exports

On April 7, The Executive Director of the agricultural consulting company Rincon Management and World Bank and EBRD agricultural expert Konstantin Korneev delivered an open lecture on “The channels and the nature of the agricultural export sales”.

The event is a milestone of the Strategic Academic Leadership Program “Priority 2030” and the Master’s program “World Agricultural Markets” of the School of Business and International Competences.

Konstantin Korneev reviewed the ways of organizing the agriexports, zoomed in the existing sales channels and the factors influencing to the analysis of key distribution models and critical market requirements. On presenting the overview of the commercial patterns dealing with agriproducts he shared the insight on crucial factors guaranteeing success at the international market.

The new group to join the Master’s program “World Agricultural Markets” is scheduled for September 1.