Institute of World Agricultural Markets
Prepare world-class specialists in the field of foreign economic activity of the agricultural industry and carry out cutting-edge profile research

About Institute

IWAM is a Russian competence center in the field of international trade in agricultural products, which provides opportunities for education, conducts independent research on agricultural markets, as well as acts as a platform for competencies exchange between representatives of business, academic communities and government agencies.
Our Team
What We Do
As an Education Centre
  • Master's programs

  • Advanced training programs

  • Textbooks and teaching aids in profile disciplines
As a Think-Tank
  • The annual report ‘World food security and international trade in agricultural products’

  • Reports on topical issues of world agricultural markets

  • Applied research
As a Networking Centre
  • Enhanced horizontal links with other profile institutions

  • Dialogue and effective interaction between representatives of business, academic communities and government agencies

  • Our corporate events
For Applicants and Course Participants
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Flagship project — annual report Global food security and international trade in agricultural products
case-studies of Russian agricultural exporters
regions of the world


    Debut of the First Russian Yearbook 2022/23
    Advanced Training Program “Marketing in Global Agricultural Trade”
    Advanced Training Program on the Analysis of World Agricultural Markets
    Advanced Training Program for FEA Managers
    The first open courses on world agricultural markets
    Report of the event: seminar ‘Halal export certification of agro-industrial products‘